GRUPO GALTIER was founded in 1984 and is a diversified contractor which has been involved in over 400 building projects in Brazil and around the world. GRUPO GALTIER's purpose is the distribution and development of projects involving special glazing, aluminum and steel structures. GG’s standard for success has been based on continuous improvement and innovation. GG delivers the highest quality of services for our customers and apply, as a rule, strict international regulations, aligned with international industry-related trends and activities.

GG strategic principles include the search for innovation and new technology solutions tailored to our customers' needs. GRUPO GALTIER relies on a dependable technical and commercial team, dedicated to offering comprehensive advice on projects.  GRUPO GALTIER is evolving to be your best ally and partner in the area of facade, conceived by renowned architects worldwide.

Companies that are part of the GRUPO GALTIER:

  • Jepracorp Serviços Ltda
  • Gebam Storage Vidros Ltda

Erwin Galtier
Founder and President